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Join our Whatsapp group

The Beverly Hills Whatsapp group is a great way to keep in touch with neighbors, and stay up to date on the latest developments on the Hill.

Before being accepted into the Whatsapp group, you must be a registered BHCA citizen on this website.

Whatsapp Guidelines

We don't have many rules, but the few have are in place to protect our citizens and keep the interactions friendly and constructive.  Please review them so you understand what is expected.

  • For the safety of BHCA members, and accountability for posts, anonymous accounts are NOT allowed in the BHCA Whatsapp Group.

  • Only community matters are to be discussed within the BHCA WhatsApp group.

  • No business advertising is allowed in the BHCA WhatsApp group. Facilities are in place for members to advertise their business on the Association’s Website

  • No jokes are to be shared within the BHCA WhatsApp group.

  • No religious content is to be posted to the BHCA WhatsApp group.

  • All Property Owners, whether living at the premises or not, are eligible to be members of the BHCA WhatsApp group. 

  • Tenants are eligible to be members the group, however, the Owner/Landlord must request the addition.

  • Political representatives and assigned members of law enforcement and/or public utilities.

  • Owners should request group additions through a member of the Executive.

  • Any account repeatedy contravening the rules above will be removed.

  • An Owner who sells their property, and has no other property in Beverly Hills, will be removed from the BHCA Whatsapp group.

  • Tenants who have vacated premises in Beverly Hills will be removed.

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